Guide to Using Low-Wagering Bonuses at Online Casinos

Low Wagering Bonus Codes

The number of online casino-goers is growing more and more each day. People are drawn to the thrill and excitement gambling can bring, as well as the novelty of not needing to visit a brick-and-mortar. Players can enter the world of Las Vegas through their laptop, tablet, and smartphone, spinning roulette wheels and examining blackjack hands as if they were at a real casino table. The fun, themed slots and table games, including the live casino tables with real dealers at the helm, keep members coming back for more. However, what gets butts in seats to begin with?

Low wagering bonuses and bonus codes have become common casino lures for new members, usually part of larger new member welcome packages. New players receive a deposit bonus code, run through the slot and table game selection, and are soon hooked into the casino. While this can work out for some, many people have found themselves at the bottom of a well with no way out. Upon activation, they didn't understand the stipulations of their deposit bonus code, especially in regard to wagering and cashing out.

We want to help people find the best deposit bonus with the best wagering requirements out there, before they commit to an online casino membership. We believe that low wager bonus codes are the way to go. If you are mulling over a few online casinos that claim to have lucrative deposit bonuses with fair rollover obligations, but aren't sure which one to trust, we've got you covered. Here's our guide to low wagering casino bonus codes.

Bonuses For You

What Are Casino Deposit Bonuses?

Before we talk at length about wagering requirements, specifically low wagering bonuses, we should go over the deposit bonuses that are wagered to begin with. A deposit bonus is a new member promotion that gives players "free" money to begin their gambling adventure with the casino. While there are popular deposit bonuses among gambling sites, each casino has its own set of policies that we recommend you research before getting started.

There are three types of deposit bonuses that are common among online casinos: match bonuses, free spin bonuses and no deposit bonuses. All three have wagering requirements that can make or break a new player looking for a casino to join, and all three are often attached to low wager bonus requirements. Matched deposit bonuses are typically a deal where your own deposit of choice is matched by the house after your first deposit. Sometimes activated by a bonus code, sometimes multiple codes for multiple initial deposits, match deposit bonuses give you extra money by giving you a percentage of your deposit to add to said deposit.

For example, a site could be giving its new or prospective members a 100% deposit match of up to $200. This means that you will have up to $400 to play with instead of just $200. The percentages casinos match your deposit with vary from place to place. The value of the match bonus also varies, because the higher the match percentage, usually, the higher amount of money you will need to load from the start. Depending on the casino, you could run across high match percentages applied to high real money deposits, as well as multiple match bonus codes adding to one big promotional new player low wager bonus. The higher you go in deposit amounts, match percentages, etc. the more you will want to know the terms and conditions of your deposit bonus, low or high wagering. Know it like the back of your hand so you can reap the benefits of your bonus codes.

The second kind of deposit bonus that these bonus codes are used for are free spin deposit bonuses. Free spins refer to free rounds played on a casino's slot games. Unlike other bonuses, free spins usually add-ons attached to the match deposit and no deposit bonuses. Free spins on their own can have low or no wagering requirements. After using a code, players receive 20, 30, 50, even 100 free spins.

Finally, we must talk about no deposit bonus codes. No deposit bonuses and bonus codes are a favorite among casino-goers because they do not have to put up any money to start gambling. Instead, the house gives players a credit to be used as if it were their own money. If playthrough policies are adhered to, the credit is like "free" money! Free spins and no deposit bonuses are almost always a package deal, since slots are a surefire way to clear bonus wagering stipulations. These are also activated by bonus codes, but some casinos forgo them and give new players no deposit credit immediately. Some even allow players to use the credit before creating an account, an incentive code to try-before-you-buy a membership. Casino Offers with Low Wagering Required

What Are Minimum Requirements?

Where do low wagering bonus requirements come in? Whatever deposit bonus or bonus code a casino is offering, there is almost always note about wagering requirements. Also known as rollover obligations or playthrough policies, wagering requirements refer to the number of times the earnings from your bonus code must roll over before you can pocket your cash. Should you playthrough your deposit without losing the entire balance and the wager conditions are met, whatever is left in your account belongs to you. Players may break even, or they may come out with even more cash. Even if you end up with nothing, your experience playing through your bonus won't break your bank, depending on how high the original deposit bonus was.

A distinction should be made between bonus wagering vs bonus + deposit wagering. While certain casinos will apply their 20x, 50x, 100x wagering requirements to just the bonus, others include your initial deposit into the conditions. If you sign up with a casino that is promoting a 50% match bonus of up to $350 with a 30x wagering requirement, whether that 30x refers to the house's match, or both the match and your real money deposit depends on where you choose to do business. This is why doing your research ahead of time is so important when looking for low wagering bonus casinos to use those bonus codes. Generally, match bonus code promos vary on bonus vs bonus + deposit wagers, while no deposit bonuses can only apply wagering stipulations to deposit credit. This is ideal for the frugal gambler, looking to decrease risk while trying out a new casino code.

Why Do Casino Bonuses Have Wagering Requirements?

You are probably wondering why playthrough policies for bonus codes like this exist. Why not just claim your new member credit with a bonus code and cash out as quickly as you can? Well, too many customers will want to do the same along with you. If that happens, what becomes of the casino you are playing at? Low wagering bonus code requirements keep the casino afloat, as they cannot afford to just give their members free money without strings tying that money to the casino. By tying bonus codes to the house, new or potential members are also tied to it. This is just good business sense. Moreover, the joy of winning in spite of the risk of losing round after round is part of what makes gambling worthwhile.

What gamblers should look for are mutually beneficial arrangements with their casino. This comes in the form of odds that are challenging yet fair, with hoops that enough players can jump through to pocket cash. In addition, the house should still have an advantage, like low wagering bonus requirements, that keeps players from bankrupting them after just a few bets. Low Wager Promos

Low Wagering Casino Bonus Codes Explained

Online sites have varying wager requirements. Which ones should new players look for? We recommend low wagering casino bonuses. Bonus codes unlock promotions with moderate to high wagering clauses all the time. While there may be other benefits offsetting the 60x wagering requirement, most players are just not willing to rollover their earnings this many times. The fear of losing what they have earned increases, because the number of opportunities to lose increases. Players want a fairer shot at maximizing their new player codes.

With a low wagering deposit bonus code, gamblers can rest a little easier knowing they only have to rollover their money so many times before cashing out. Low wagering bonuses are typically match, free spin, or no deposit bonuses with a 30x or less wager amount. For example, a new member looking to use their bonus code and enjoy a no deposit bonus of $100, plus 50 free spins of a premium slot game. They may have to wager that bonus 20 times before receiving a payout, and each time could be a win or a loss. However, the chances of losing decrease with the decreased number of mandatory wagers. The player and the house are on even footing with low wager bonus codes.

Final Thoughts

Simply put, low wagering bonus codes unlock deposit bonuses with a fair number for wagering requirements. Whether it's a match deposit bonus, a free spin bonus, a no deposit bonus, or an amalgamation of the three, the amount of times a player must bet their balance is a major determining factor of the online casino's quality and worth. If you are unsure of whether a new member low wager bonus code is worth its salt, check the deposit bonus terms and conditions for the casino. Don't play blindly; instead, play wisely.